Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer in Washington

I think the high yesterday was 78 degrees, but it was sunny and glorious.  Everything is very lush and GREEN!  All the lawns look like soft carpet, it makes you want to run barefoot.  I am really appreciating this after the last two months of  100+ temps almost every day in San Antonio.  The grass crunches when you walk on it and would probably be quite painful if you walked on it in your bare feet!

Yesterday was my grandson, Dane, 6th birthday.  He had a party with some of his little buddies in the backyard with a slip 'n' slide, trampoline, bouncy house, pizza and other goodies.  Here are a few shots from the party. 

Dane enjoying his ice cream "cake".

Cameron on takeoff!

He stayed in this position for quite a while, not sure why.  All I can say is "UNCOMFORTABLE!"

One of the sweetest and funniest 6-year-old I know!

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