Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wonderful Sabo Family

The wonderful thing about Texas is always sunny. Right?  Wrong!  It actually starting raining right after this shoot started. We had to move it inside, which we really weren't prepared for.  I got a few shots that I am okay with, but overall not what I had in mind.   The Sabos are awesome!  The kids are all so sweet.  I did learn that getting 11 people in one shot to be in sync is a tough task, especially when 9 of them are kids age 4 months to 18 years.   But it was still fun.  I put a lot of them in black and white because my backgrounds were distracting and not what I wanted.  B&W, plus the blurring of edges made them a bit less noticeable.

Okay, let's get everyone on the same page. 

That's better!  Poor little baby Amelia is looking a bit stressed though.

Mom and Dad of these beautiful children.

Mom and her daughters.

Dad and his sons.

Two oldest sisters.

The whole beautiful family!

Thank you Sabos for allowing me to photograph you all again.

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  1. are so awesome! Thank YOU for taking our pictures and always being so patient with all the little ones. They REALLY loved your kitty! ;-)