Sunday, June 17, 2012


I don't hike or backpack in the woods/mountains because I am deathly afraid of bears and cougars, but the cost of travel is so exorbitant.  The gas, food, hotel, etc.  I am on a very strict budget after last years unemployment and certainly cannot afford an RV.  BUT....I can afford a cheap tent and a blow up mattress and campground fees.

I have a vision of something like this

But this probably more my reality:

In fact, this looks very similar to the tent I just bought on sale at Big 5 for $69.95.  Honestly, this is a little too rustic of a camp site for me.  I am thinking a nice picnic table, grill, lots of grass, next to a river, and a bathroom within 20 yards.

I reserved a riverside spot at a camping resort type of place in July for 2 days.  Running water, bathrooms and convience store on site.  I made sure my tent was big enough to stand up straight without hitting my head and big enough to hold 2 double size mattress because I don't plan on camping with anyone I want to be that close to.  I have personal space issues.  And I want one of those double high mattress, which I will make up with regular sheets/bedding.  I hate sleeping bags, too confining.   

Now I have not taken the tent out of the box yet to give it a test drive in the back yard.  I am hoping I will be able to put it up by myself so I can do some solo camping.  I am really looking forward to hearing the river at night and waking early in the morning to sit by the river and drink a nice hot strong cup of coffee! 

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