Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I took this picture at the rodeo Saturday night.  The object in the lower right hand corner is my shoulder.  These kids had their feet against the back of my seat and keep them moving, bouncing me around.  Their mother's feet were on the other side of me.  At one point I turned around and told them to keep their feet still and they just stared at me and continued to do it.  Their mother did finally tell them to stop it.  But why can't you just put your feet on the floor where they belong?  Then a young couple sat down close by and both were snapping and popping their gum as loud as they could, trying to outdo each other.

I am so sick of  people propping their feet up the seats in front of them in public places.  Happens at the movies all the time.  Speaking of the movies......fine bring your own snacks, they are expensive, but don't proceed to have to open all the noisey packaging during the movie and then every time you stick your big fat paw in the bag it starts all over again.  Oh, and you are not in your living room, so don't appreciate your full volume commentary all during the movie either.

Cell phones, really people.  At work today a customer came up to me and put his paperwork on the counter just as his phone was ringing.  He answered it of course and proceeded to have a lengthy loud conversation.  I got started on his transaction, but came to a part where I had to ask him a question, so I did.  He had the nerve to put his hand up to me to be quiet.  Lucky he still has that hand.  So I walked away and did not come back until he had been off the phone for a minute.  He proceeded to try and tell me how the call was about his car insurance.  I didn't acknowledge what he was saying at all and just asked him what I needed to know to complete his transaction.  
Yep, I am a bit bitchy today!

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