Friday, September 6, 2013

The Date

Meet and Greet.  Gary.  I have had some fun online conversations with this guy.  We met after work yesterday at Boulevard Park.  Nice safe place to meet someone.  Now, this guy I really liked.  His picture did not do him justice.  He did have a beard, which normally I hate.  His was neatly trimmed and suited him.  I was having a GREAT hair moment when I left the house.  Unfortunately, it was only a moment. My hair and humidity do not mix.  I looked at myself in the mirror when I got home and it was hideous. What the.......!  

Anyway, we had great conversation, laughs....mostly.  There were brief periods where I felt I didn't really have him engaged and others where I thought he found me brilliant.  He alluded to doing activities together in the near future.  BUT when we parted I got a short sort of side hug (embarrassing when you are going for real deal) and he didn't ask for my phone number.  He did say he would message me info about a function we are both attending tomorrow, he is working and I am just going.  We just happened to find out we would both be there.  

He messaged me with the info, but nothing about how nice to meet me, can't wait to see you again, you are AMAZING.  You know, stuff I would like to hear.  

I will see him tomorrow.  Let's see what kind of reception I get.

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