Saturday, August 31, 2013


Does anyone else remember the mosquito fogging trucks?

When I was a kid and living in southern Florida in the 60's they had these trucks that would drive slowly through the neighborhoods. They had big tanks contraptions on the back and emitted these huge clouds of white smoke. Apparently, it was something to kill the mosquitoes. An alarm of kids screaming and running for their houses would alert the adults it was coming. Everybody tried to get their windows closed before it got to their house. It smelled like.....well, poison. And it was. I sometimes wonder what mutant cell is lurking in my body and will someday rear its ugly head as some sort of cancer. My aunt, who was the same age as me, died is her 40's from cancer and my uncle died at 59. They believe it was environmental. I remember a little girl that lived across the street during that time and she had cancer. I wonder now if she was a victim of that deadly fog that would roll through in the early summer evenings. 

I am happy I never liked the taste of artificial sweetners so I never embraced the diet sodas and other products that so many others did. Now we are finding out just how deadly that can be for you. You aren't even safe growing your own vegetables from seed because even they are genetically modified. 

Fortunately we moved from Florida to a small town in New Mexico when I was 8 and even though we visited Florida every year on vacation I wasn't exposed to that toxic fog like my aunt was. We bought our beef from a local rancher and it was grass fed and no hormones like stuff today. Can we reverse this toxic buildup in our bodies?

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