Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boerne Sunday Drive

It was a great day with temps staying right around 80, not too hot.  I decided to head towards the little town of Boerne, which is a little NW of San Antonio.  I parked downtown and started wandering through shops and ran into a big craft fair that was going on in the town center.  As I was wandering through, there was a booth with lots of photos and the first one that caught my eye was ..........TULIP fields in Skagit County! The photographer, Laurie, was from Seattle and had moved here about 2 years ago when she got layed off from her job of 17 years.  Talk about a small world!   The fair also had some fantastic food vendors.  I had a beef gordita and it was incredible.  I wanted another one, but knew it would make me sick so refrained :-(. 

I then wandered back through town and to the river where I was greeted my some really MEAN geese, so I snapped a couple pictures and made a hasty retreat.

                                                           The nasty geese posse.

Next I went to the Cibolo Nature center (I think that is what it was called).  It was just a few miles out of town.

Hope you all had a beautiful day.


  1. Your great photos almost make me want to go to Texas. Hah, almost, but not enough! Glad to see it through your lens!

  2. Well, I am just showing the pretty parts I guess. I will have to take some "ugly" pictures. I have to go get my driver's license tomorrow and it is not in a very nice area, so maybe I will take some pictures.

  3. I seriously cannot believe the coincidence! I have just come across your blog for the very first time, and the first post of yours I've ever seen, is about my hometown!!! Your photos are gorgeous and have made me very homesick... can't wait to get back to Boerne this summer! :-)

  4. Thanks Sara! I really like Boerne and it is a very pretty little town. I live close to Castroville and I love it here, except for the scorpions!!!

  5. Sara, I just read your profile. Funny because I lived in a little town outside Burgandy France as a child, age 3 to 6. I did speak French, my parents did not, so when we moved back to the States there wasn't anyone to speak French with and so I eventually forgot it. I have been back to France a few times and would love to live there. Lucky you!