Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lytle Texas

Headed out to a music/craft festival in the little town of Lytle, just south of San Antonio yesterday.  The heat and humidity were FIERCE!  We could only stand being outside for about an hour and a half.  There were some big industrial fans blowing in this tent where the Watusi were playing, so we sat and listened a while, but even with the fans it was pretty hot.

I was driving, so didn't have an ice cold beer.  Dang!

This was another little stage that had some entertainment.  The seating was some bleachers under some of the biggest old trees I have ever seen.

These youngsters weren't all that interested in the music, but that little girl sure had their attention.

I loved this couple.  They just looked so fresh, crisp and cool in the wilting 92 degree heat, with 70% humidity. 

She was just perfect, down to the neatly folded handerchief in her back pocket.  I was in awe, as I looked like the "Wreck of the Hesperus".  My clothes were soaking wet with sweat, my face was bright red and my hair totally frizzed out. 

There was a barbeque cookoff going on, but the only ones who got to actually eat the barbeque were the judges.  That sucked.

The next pictures were taken right across the street from the park where the festival was.  Sad to see the deterioration of these little towns.

Kari bought this cute metal sunflower yard art and stuck in the ground to provide a nice bright focal point for some pictures, along with the real ones.


  1. Hot 'latnta!

    I just explained to John, I am reading my friends blog, you know the one who moved to San Antotio. Before evening see this he said - boy I bet it is freaking hot there!

  2. It certainly is freaking hot here! The humidity is the killer. If it wasn't for air conditioning, there is no way I could live here. I am trying to NOT use the air conditioning in my car because it really sucks the gas. That isn't too bad, but my hair sure looks interesting when I get to where I am going :-)

  3. 70 percent humidity! What kind of insanity is that!! We begin to die here when the humidity reaches 25%. Of course, that's what we always say in these here parts, at least it's a dry heat! Most times, during the summer, the humidity is around 17%. That's enough.