Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cove

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!  Anyone watch that?  Well, this is the second place in SanAntonio I've been that have been featured by Guy Fieri on this show.  The Cove is a dive bar/organic/local food resturant/family friendly spot all in one!  Not in the greatest neighborhood, but the clientele are normal and casual and all ages. It was very hot so we went inside, but they have a huge outside area that includes a basketball hoop, ping pong table and kiddies playground right in the middle. 

You order and pick up your own drinks at the bar.  For food, you go outside and around a corner to order and pay for your food.  At first I thought "what a hassle", but service was FAST!

                                           Food was all locally grown and organic.

           Mother and daughter

                                                    This was great on such a HOT day!

                                                                    The BEST burgers!

This guy was very popular with the ladies. Everyone wanted their picture taken with him.  Personally, I found him a little stiff and lacking in personality.

This gal was sitting at the next table and didn't know her at all, but we all loved her haircut!  So I stalkerazzi'd her to get pictures of the do.  Eventually, we talked to her and was such a sweetie.  She cuts her own hair!  Said she couldn't find anyone to cut it the way she wanted.  She had no idea I had been taking pictures of her and thought it was funny.....thank goodness!

                                           I know this photo looks "posed", but it wasn't. 

Remember peeps, my door is open and the couch is ready if you want to visit San Antonio!

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