Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Direction

I haven't posted in a while because it has been too dang hot to do much exploring.  I am waiting for cooler weather.  In the meantime I have sort of fallen into doing family pictures.  So I am posting a few that I have done this week.     PLUS....I need a name so I can  make some business cards, so I need some ideas.  NOthing too cutesy or specific, but catchy.  Something that would fit any type of photography I do.

Here are a couple from last night's shoot.  The family just added a beautiful little four year old girl to their family 3 weeks ago and wanted some family pics.  She doesn't really speak English, but the kids had no trouble communicating with each other.  They spoke the international language of "kiddish".

Here here are some from a tea party I set up in my front yard for 3 sisters from another lovely family.

That's all for now folks.  I have two more shoots next week.  I am not charging very much, but it does help fill out the unemployment check a bit.

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  1. How about just using your name, something like Photography by.....