Friday, March 25, 2011

Castroville Texas

Today's hike was in the little town of Castroville, which is only about 10 miles from my place.
They have a great park on the edge of town, with hiking trails.  Today we had decided to do an easy hike
after last weeks killer, plus I wasn't feeling very well.  We ended up walking/hiking a total of 4 miles, about half of that was flat.

As we walked through the neighborhoods we caused quite a ruckus with the local dogs.  OMG! Almost every house had at least one dog,  Thankfully almost all were fenced in.  And the birds....hundreds of them, tweeting, chirping, squawking.  And every car that goes by waves at you.  Texans are FRIENDLY!

These are some of the little houses and gardens.

After agitating every dog in town we arrived at the trailhead and did a little climbing.  Well, it was uphill.

Now back to town.   Came across this little beauty.  How much fun would it be to ride this around town?

Went to this little shop.

Wouldn't this old gas station make a great little coffee shop/bakery?  It was empty.

Finally!  Lunch time!

Of course, we sat outside under the trees.

And were tolerated by Normie the cat.

I sucked this icy cold one down in seconds. 

Another fine day in paradise.
Tomorrow......Olive festival at the Botanical Gardens.

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  1. did i mention how I hate washington! there is none of this cool stuff here