Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Do I Live

I know you all know I live in San Antonio, but folks SA is HUGE and very spread out.  I actually live on the way out, outskirts, in the country really.  Here it is on the map, almost 20 miles to downtown on I-90 from my place.

I depend on this.........

......a LOT!  She is fondly call the __itch.
With her I am brave and go anywhere.  If I get lost all I have to do it hit "home" and she directs
me back home.

Nothing too exciting today, mostly housekeeping stuff, going to the post office, grocery store, making dentist appointments (yuck).  I had part of a tooth break off last night at my lovely dinner on the Riverwalk.  I think I have a break off about once a year.  No I don't have rotten teeth.  It is the old fillings loosening up and not supporting the tooth any more. 

 Tomorrow I see a new dentist.  It caused me massive stress just to make that appointment. My exam and xrays are going to cost $30!  Geez, that is way less than when I had insurance.  Hopefully, their idea of sedation is not wopping you up side the head and a 4-point restraint.

Not much in the way of pictures today, but here are some more pictures of my deck I took today.  Can you tell I love it?  Aren't the little metal chairs cute?  I got them for $15.  They are over 50 years old.  Not sure I should paint them or leave them in their original condition.

Have a good evening my friends. XOXO


  1. See how close Medina Lake is? We should go hiking there.

  2. I thought the same thing. Lets plan that one for next week. Castroville on Friday!

  3. Very cool! I want to come visit!

    DON"T paint the chairs! Old is the new..... just kidding. They have personality!

  4. Paint or not to paint?? What ever makes your heart sing....
    Love your blog Robin.