Sunday, March 27, 2011

D'Hanis Texas

I decided to go for a little drive today OUT of San Antonio.  I headed for Uvalde, where Matthew McConnaghy is from, which is about 75 miles from where I live.  I got about half way there and Kari called and said to wait where I was and she would meet me.  She mentioned an interesting cemetery and suggested that I might want to see that while I waited.  Well, I found A cemetery, but turned out it wasn't the one she was thinking of.

It was a few miles out of the little town there was nothing around it and nobody there.  In fact the gates were locked.   So.....I climbed through the fence.  The first thing that struck me was the scent of strong incense burning, although I never did find any.  Now, I have always loved cemeteries and they do not scare me or creep me out.  I actually find them soothing. 

The first part of the cemetery was "inhabited" mostly by the Caucasian townfolk.  Here are some pics of that.

Next I head for the Hispanic section of the cemtary.  Now this was very colorful. Graves that were
50 and 60 years old were tended and decorated by their loved ones.  Then there were others
that were rather sad and forlorn looking.  When I go to cemetaries I try to be very respectful and walk around graves and not on them.  Occasionally, I will touch a headstone and pay my respects.
Some graves had wrapped Christmas presents, small decorated trees, and other sentimental items left on them.  Some grave markers were obviously handmade by family members. 

These pictures are an abandoned gas station that was in the town.  People in this little town did not seem nearly as friendly as the rest of the people I have run into in Texas.  I was either stared at or ignored, even when I said hello.  I didn't hang around this area very long at all, just grabbed a couple of pictures and left.

After I met up with Kari, we headed on to Uvalde where we had some of the WORST Mexican food I have ever tasted.  The funny thing was, the waitress was so sweet we did not want to hurt her feelings, so every time she came to our table to ask how it was we said "GREAT", would take a bite and smile.  Before we left, I tried to push food around and stack it up and then covered it with my napkin so she wouldn't know I didn't eat it.  The flour tortillas were very good, but she said they didn't make them there.  Hmmmm, you don't say.
Next stop was a HUGE antique store where I found a great little table to use as a dining/sewing table.  Lucky for me the owner was there and lowered the price enough that I bought it.  She also was orginally from Spokane.  Small world.
Take care Peeps!