Thursday, March 31, 2011

LUKE Restaurant

Last night I meet up with 20 other gals from SA Newcomers at John Besh's new establishment, Luke.  Now, if you are not a Food Channel fanatic like I am, you may have never heard of him, but trust me he is BIG in the chef world.   Doesn't hurt that he is cute and seems like a really nice guy.  I had pretty high expectations, considering he judges the best of the best in chef competitions.

Started off with the champagne cocktail, cognac, lemon juice and champagne. Fortunately, got it for the happy hour price!  Yep, it the one right at the top of the menu, the French 75. YUM!

The bread was okay.  The butter was excellent European style.

Then.......dinner.  The LUKE burger and pomme frites.  When you serve french fries in a fancy silver cup they are called pomme frites, but a burger is still a burger no matter what.
The burger had bacon and carmelized onions on it.  Sigh....The bacon was not crispy (uncooked fat is NOT good) and I discovered I HATE carmelized onions. Pfftt..phooey...spit!  and it was cold.  I know, it looks good, doesn't it?

Pomme frites, alas, also not hot, LUKE warm. 

Now other people had some different dishes that they said were good and some people had stuff that was so-so.   Honestly, I have had better burger and FRIES at Red Robin.

Now, it wasn't all bad.  The cocktail was great and the company of some new friends was fun.  Here are some photos of the evening.

Dear Chef Besh, 

 Please come to San Antonio and check out your new restaurant, Luke.  I think you need to whip these guys into shape and tell them they need to serve food HOT, especially pomme frites. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Yours Truly,  Robin


  1. I have a blogging friend over in Sequin
    whom I follow because I once had a friend who lived in Sequin. Rather an out of the way, off the road, little place, Sequin. Maybe you know of it?
    Anyway, your writing is quite delightful; hoping to stop by here again soon.

  2. dkzody, thank you for your comment. I am just amazed anyone other than friends and family read this :-). I have actually been to Seguin! I will check out your and your friend's blogs.

  3. So, shall we see what they really have tucked away in their cabinet... Say The first week in may? I LOVE the pictures. LOVE. The best so far. I love a burger and fries so we shall give them a run for their money. Have you read Ruth Rechil's Garlic and Sapphires? If not, go pick it up at the used boo store.