Saturday, April 30, 2011

Castroville Home Tour

It was a hot and humid day today.  I didn't really take too many pictures of the outside or inside of the houses because there were too many people in the way.  But, I loved seeing how some of these little houses had been restored and renovated.

Taco, the cat.  A little battle scarred, but such a sweetie.

                                  Wouldn't you just love to sit in this swing and sip lemonade.

                              I love the old wooden screen doors and the creaky sounds they make.

        This little cupboard was in a tiny little house owned and lived in by a single man.  Not sure if he did the canning though.

                                            Lovely way of dispaying a collection of old buttons.

    This house had so many pockets of loveliness.  This was outside and the crockpot was bubbling away     
    and smelled delicious!

                                What a charming idea and when the flowers grow in, it will be so pretty.

This the head of one of the ugly wild hogs that roam around Texas.  They are NASTY!

                                      I really like the way they use the corragated metal here.

                                             View of the river from the upstairs bedroom.              

The lady of this house had so many collections, but had the most beautiful way of displaying them.  The house did not feel cluttered at all.

The rest of the pictures are of the patio and garden at the restuarant where we ate lunch.  Unfortunately, it was too hot to sit outside.