Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flambeau Parade

A little late on my posting.  Last Saturday night we went to the Flambeau parade in downtown San Antonio.  Everyone and everything was covered with lights.  Once again we paid and had assigned. seating.  Those chairs were very close together and not made for the female middle-aged butt. We were also 3rd row back so very hard to see much until it was right in front of us.

        Before it got dark and the official parade started there was some homegrown entertainment.

                                                        Here comes Peter Cottontail!

                                                 Everyone showed their boots to the crowds.
                                                           Texas sized bugs and critters.

 The next day I drove Uvalde and picked up a table I had put on lay-away at an antique store.  They had a wonderful little park in the middle of town.  I walked around and took pictures until the heat drove me back into my air conditioned car.

                                                                    Texas palm trees.

                                             These are roots of the tree.  Very bizarre looking.

Have a lovely evening all!

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