Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It is Fiesta week here in San Antonio!  Lots of color and flowers everywhere.  I went to one of the many parades last night.  It was on the Riverwalk and the floats were barges going up and down the river.  All had music.  Our seats were right at the edge of the river, seriously my feet were right on the edge and when the barges came by you could touch the people on the floats.

I did take a bunch of pictures, but not too many turned out.  I have don't have enough experience with the camera, or probably not the right lens, to capture what I wanted.

                                           Eva Longoria was the Grand Marshall of the parade.

Parades are NOT free at Fiesta.  You pay ahead of time to reserve a seat. This one was $20 each.  I am going to another one on Saturday night and that one is $10.   There are thousands of chairs lined up all along the river and where this is enough room there are bleachers. Each chair has a section, row and seat number, as does your ticket.   We got there a couple of hours early.  This is a picture of where we were sitting before the crowds arrived.

           Some people watched from the bridge.  That was free.  I think they might have had a better view.

                                                And then the seats directly across from us.

A few pictures from the parade.

                 This guy was a crackup.  He was very animated and really into the music and the crowd.

                                              That's all folks!  Sweet dreams and good night.


  1. We should add that all the $$ collected from Fiesta goes to San Antonio Education.

  2. looks like fun! also look like one mistake and your chair would be in the water!

  3. Those rows of chairs seem very close together. I'm like Brooke, one extra push, and you could be in the water. Good thing it's warm there now. Asking people to pay sounds like a way to keep the riff-raff away.

  4. We did pull the chairs back a bit before we sat down. Still our toes were right on the edge. I am surprised more people don't fall in. I think they fine people that fall in.

  5. So, now we know how Texas keeps its taxes low; it just charges for everything.